Thursday, 4 October 2007

Apparently people believe these photos are "faked"

I must say that James was rather shocked to see his recent photographs included in an article from the Guardian's media supplement website here :

The Best Faked James Purnell Photos : Purnell's place in history

Though he was of course flattered by the attention his journeys have received, I must remind you all that these images are not faked. This is exactly the type of thing James was referring to in his various comments about truth in the media.

Regardless, I'm including some other photographs from his adventures (and a really nice painted portrait of James and a friend) - though I suppose some people will think these are fake too!


dean friedman(friend of billy joel & 1981 u.s. tic tac toe champion said...

His press office say he's a dab hand at noughts and crosses. he knows never to start in the middle square.

dean friedman said...

The above comment misses off the fact I was 1981 u.s. tic tac toe champion. I defeated Boz Scaggs in a one sided final.

boz scaggs said...

Your right, these photos are faked. Nixon was never president (not in my eyes anyway)
Damn that Dean Friedman1

culture secretary said...

This Dean Friedman?

We probably met on the set of Eerie, Indiana, although maybe we missed one another as I have a tendency to be a bit late.

Say hi to Billy.

dean friedman said...

Dear culture secretary,

No my friend, you're probably confusing me with Jeff Fried who was an extra in the show,he played the paramedic in episode 8: The Dead Letter. He couldn't afford the full name Friedman as he was only an extra at the time.

Billy says hi. Perhaps you'd like to join us for a drink sometime?

Daniel said...

Great pics! See more at . (We should have known that we're not the first to have this idea! ;)

Daniel said...

PS: We're from Germany and we didn't hear about Purnell until this morning. We immediately started photoshopping and blogging the pics at

Solana said...

Good post.